We’re passionate about social impact. Coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences, we love sharing ideas and collaborating to achieve our common goal in this initiative: a better world with equal opportunities for everyone.

Leadership Team

Jotham Ong

Founder, Executive Director

Jotham recently graduated from the Ivey Business School at Western University with a degree in business administration and a background in political science. Having lived in two different cultures, he is passionate about helping others and inspiring change to create equal opportunities.

Jotham plans to pair business with global humanitarian causes in the future, and has experience leading projects and teams. Jotham enjoys instrumental performance, and plays the piano for various community venues and events such as weddings, art galleries, and museums. In his spare time, he loves to write, discuss world events, and is an avid basketball fan.

Jordan Tepper

Founding Member, Head of Strategy & Partnerships

Jordan is currently pursuing a dual degree in business and political science, as well as a sustainability certificate at the Ivey Business School at Western University. Having spent much of his childhood volunteering with his family at homeless shelters, giving back was always something important to him. Now living away from home, helping start Operation Poverty gave him the opportunity to channel that passion and create tangible good.

Jordan has experience with business development, as well as teaching English and hard skills in Laos. His hobbies include swimming, snowboarding, and travelling.

Hassan Kiani

Founding Member, Head of Youth Development

Hassan recently graduated with a degree in Health Sciences at McMaster University, with an interest in epilepsy and the creation of novel care pathways. Having both seen and experienced the effects of inequality of access at a young age, he strives to help uplift less fortunate individuals and communities.

Hassan is currently involved with various initiatives pertaining to health care in Canada and is a Clinical Research Assistant at the McMaster Children’s Hospital. In his spare time, he loves to play basketball and enjoys the music of Lupe Fiasco.

Ola Elsharif

Youth Development

Ola is in her third year of the Health Sciences program at McMaster University. With a passion for science, learning, and helping those in need, Ola hopes to combine those interests to empower others to climb out of the cycle of poverty. 

As someone who genuinely enjoys volunteering, Ola can be found preparing food drive boxes with Mishka Social Services or helping visitors in the ICU of the Juravinski hospital. In her free time, she is often sitting with a book or trying out a new restaurant in the city.

Sarah Ali

Youth Development

Kristina Smeltzer

Community Liaison

Kristina is currently studying at Ivey Business School, after having completed her first two years at King’s University College studying disability and children’s rights. After regularly volunteering with children in low-income areas, Kristina wants to help find a way to equip the next generation with tools to reduce poverty. Kristina hopes to combine business with social justice to help children in need live better lives. In her free time, she enjoys reading, exploring nature, and solo travelling.

Jeremy Ippolito

Community Liaison

Jeremy is a grade 12 student at Ancaster High school and will be attending Western University for International Relations with Advanced Entry Opportunity to the Ivey School of Business. He is currently Ancaster High’s Student Council Co-President and was a DECA Provincial Champion for his community awareness project aimed at educating residents of the homelessness crisis in Hamilton.