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Thank You.

We would like to sincerely thank our donors, who have made the impact of our fundraising initiatives possible.

Our COVID-19 Response Fundraiser Donors:


Sarah Litterick

Tiffany Liu

Ashmeet Siali

Phil Buckley

Kelsea Swackhammer

Zarin Hossain

Hailey Reynolds

Saadiya Pathan

Scotty Andrade

Judith Smeltzer

Tasfiah Tasnim

Munam Majeed

Hughson Ong

Alex Starkman

Rishika Sekhar

The Ivey HBA Association at Western University

Shari Fremeth-Tepper

Si Ran Wang

Josie Schwartz

Lisa Pei

Noah Solomon

Naira Shahanyants

Cory Nagler

Nusaibah Tahsin

Stacy Swartz

Martha Maznevski

Leonides Son

Juliana Schiavone

Donn Bernal

Marwan Yousif

Sandra Bojic

Colin McDougall

Miguel Betancourt

Rosemary Fremeth

Steve Harris

Nabila Kiyani

Alexander Conde

Carolyn Shi

Pat Benn

Josefina Masaki

Paul Seale

Jo-Anne Vandierendonck

J. Cooper

Vivid Ma

Marisa Thorburn

Martha Elliott

Katherine Clee

Justin Kim

Jonah Opler

We would also like to thank the donors who we did not get a chance to learn the names of—those that donated spontaneously as our team transported food inventories from the grocery stores to the food bank, and to those that donated anonymously.

We’d love to answer any questions you might have about our fundraiser. Please connect with us to learn more about our local food banks or any of our other projects!

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