Bringing Food to Low-Income Communities During the Pandemic.

During the summer of 2020, we raised money for small community food banks and centres in Ontario who desperately needed supplies to feed people in need. 100% of funds donated were directed towards community food programs in the Hamilton and London area. Due to your generous support, we were able to raise over $3,500 in just two weeks (one in April and one in May) online.


raised in two separate weeks in April and May 2020


pounds of food purchased and given to individuals and families in Hamilton, Ontario after Round 1


households given food boxes in London, Ontario after Round 2

The Need During the Start of the Pandemic

2 Weeks

Time until small food banks’ emergency food stocks would run out

40+% DROP

Drop in donations for food banks since the start of the crisis

Demand Spike

More people are in need of a food bank, while volunteering declines

Round 1 (March 27-April 3, 2020): Hamilton, Ontario

We raised $1,524.85 in one week from March 27 to April 3, which we used to purchase 997 pounds of food wholesale at a discount from the local Walmart. We personally delivered the food supplies on April 5 to the Neighbour 2 Neighbour community food bank in Hamilton, where it was distributed to low-income individuals and families struggling during the pandemic.

Over 3,500 people use the Neighbour 2 Neighbour Food Centre each month.

Round 2 (May 6-May 13, 2020): London, Ontario

We raised $2,041.40 during this round of fundraising, surpassing our previous round’s total. We worked with Life*Spin to purchase food boxes from local producers for over 50 families in London, Ontario. Our team personally delivered the food boxes to apartments, townhouses, and homes all over the city on Victoria Day. Check out the boxes just before we delivered them!

We want to especially thank the Ivey HBA Association at Western University for their partnership during this round of fundraising.

Thank You!

We would like to sincerely thank our donors, who have made the impact of our fundraising initiatives possible.

Our COVID-19 Response Fundraiser Donors:


Sarah Litterick

Tiffany Liu

Ashmeet Siali

Phil Buckley

Kelsea Swackhammer

Zarin Hossain

Hailey Reynolds

Saadiya Pathan

Scotty Andrade

Judith Smeltzer

Tasfiah Tasnim

Munam Majeed

Hughson Ong

Alex Starkman

Rishika Sekhar

The Ivey HBA Association at Western University

Shari Fremeth-Tepper

Si Ran Wang

Josie Schwartz

Lisa Pei

Noah Solomon

Naira Shahanyants

Cory Nagler

Nusaibah Tahsin

Stacy Swartz

Martha Maznevski

Leonides Son

Juliana Schiavone

Donn Bernal

Marwan Yousif

Sandra Bojic

Colin McDougall

Miguel Betancourt

Rosemary Fremeth

Steve Harris

Nabila Kiyani

Alexander Conde

Carolyn Shi

Pat Benn

Josefina Masaki

Paul Seale

Jo-Anne Vandierendonck

J. Cooper

Vivid Ma

Marisa Thorburn

Martha Elliott

Katherine Clee

Justin Kim

Jonah Opler

We would also like to thank the donors who we did not get a chance to learn the names of—those that donated spontaneously as our team transported food inventories from the grocery stores to the food bank, and to those that donated anonymously.