Articles to educate and raise awareness about poverty-related topics both in Canada and around the world.

Started in the summer of 2019, Operation Poverty has always focused on the importance of education to uplift impoverished communities. From our partnerships, projects, and research, our blogs cover a wide range of poverty-related topics that highlight the continuing struggle of many less-fortunate individuals and families to achieve a basic standard of living.

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COVID-19 Response Fundraiser: Round 2 (London)

Thank you to all those who donated for Round 2: London! We were thrilled to have surpassed the funds raised from Round 1, raising a total of $2,041.40 in one week. Your donations will be used to purchase food boxes containing fresh, locally-sourced produce for at-risk populations in London.   Our team is still working diligently…

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COVID-19 Response Fundraiser: Round 1 (Hamilton)

Round 1 Recap We wanted to thank everyone for their support as we launched our organization! It’s been very encouraging to have people reach out to our team throughout the past two weeks and ask how they can help, and also to see our friends and families share our initiative. We especially wanted to thank…

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Covid-19, The Importance of History & The Need for Food Security

COVID-19. A pandemic unique to our times, with economic and social implications stretching much farther than what we can imagine. While past pandemics such as the H1N1 Swine flu, Ebola, and SARS have wreaked havoc and death around the world, none compare to the scale of isolation and quarantine COVID-19 has caused. Schools close and…

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Opportunity for All – A First for Canada

The importance of Canada’s first-ever poverty reduction strategy cannot be understated. It sends a signal that action is needed. Rising living costs and cuts to education have benefitted high-level institutions, but those in low-income thresholds remain stagnant, deprived of resources and exposure to opportunities. While the ladder to rise out of poverty exists, not everyone…

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